Siyaya: Wildest Cape

363 308 DA VINCI
Available on: DISH Nova+Nyota ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Dive deeper into the remote parts of South Africa’s Western Cape with Oompie and his team of young explorers in Siyaya - Wildest Cape! Visit the cradle of humankind, scale cliffs, jump into giant waterfalls, and see the largest mammal on the planet! Get up close and personal with snakes, sharks, and even the most dangerous animal in the world! From secluded mountains to mighty rivers, the team has exciting adventures that teach them about nature, animals, and our ancestors - all unlocking the secret to South Africa’s survival. Tune into Siyaya - Wildest Cape from March 17th at 16:00. It’s wildly fun! BROADCAST TIME: From March 17th, Wednesdays & Thursdays 16:00 CAT

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