World Science Day

363 308 DA VINCI
Available on: DISH Nova+Nyota ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: It’s World Science Day and at Da Vinci we just LOVE science! In the morning from 7 to 11 our youngest inventors can enjoy adventures of the Fixies, as they use their skills to repair cell phones and robots, and Addison, as she solves scientific mysteries in her neighbourhood. And if space is their greatest passion, robot Kit in Kosmix will tell the story of his travels through our galaxy. From 11, get ready to celebrate mind-blowing experiments and scientific discoveries! Learn how to master all the laws of gravity and friction with Phil of Science Max, and join Steve on Xploration DIY SCI to do experiments at home that will blow your mind! No matter your age, World Science Day is for all scientists-to-be! Tune in to Da Vinci on November 10th. BROADCAST TIME: Wednesday, November 10th from 07:00 to 16:20 CAT

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