The Killer Beside Me

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Category: Documentary
Available on: DISH Super+Unique ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: For most, the workplace represents a safe environment where they can work comfortably alongside friendly colleagues. But for some unfortunate employees, their co-workers were the cause of their untimely demise. This compelling series returns to retell the shocking events leading to a horrific workplace murder. A lunch break devolves into nightmare for two school secretaries who disappear in broad daylight; a dedicated wildlife park employee goes missing on her way to work; and, a retail store employee's crush on manager escalates into a dangerous obsession after he's fired for inappropriate behaviour. These cases and more go under the spotlight, with footage from testimonies and harrowing 911 calls bringing to life real work life horrors, in an environment that is all too familiar. BROADCAST TIME: From Saturday 5 December at 21:00 CAT

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