Naagin S6

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Naagin Mahek pretending to be a security in-charge while her younger sister Pratha as a worker enters the wedding of the Gujral family brothers Rishabh and Ritesh, kills their father Lalit Gujral, one of the traitors along with the brides’ father Mr. Kataria, another traitor. Ritesh falls in love with Pratha and breaks off the wedding with Rhea to marry Pratha. Rishabh suspects Pratha intention and spikes Ritesh, then replaces him to get married to Pratha. Lalit Gujral is still alive, but lost his memory. Pratha and Mahek kills the police officer Riddhi Sharma, one of the traitors. Then, Pratha kills a sapera who calls himself Mahasapera, he wanted to kill Shesh Naagin to attain the naagmani. Shanglira, an artificial naagin created in Changistan laboratory, and also a lookalike of Shalaka arrives in India to poison the water of Yamuna river. She fights Shesh Naagin but gets killed by Shalaka, who has repented her sins for stealing the Naagmani and became a naagin after strict penance. Before dying, Shanglira had successfully put her poison into the river.1 episode Monday-Sunday 19:15 CAT

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