Chinese Paladin 5-Clouds of the World

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Jiang Yun Fan (Elvis Han) is the adopted son of a stockade chief. One day, he realizes that he has superhuman powers whenever he is confronted by demon animals.It turns out that he is the biological son of the Demon King Jiang Shili. After learning the truth, Yunfan decided to use his own power to change everything. However, no one expected that when he broke through the Shushan Seven-Star Demon-Conquering Array and obtained the artifact, he faced a bigger problem: once the blood jade If the Demon Lord is destroyed and released in advance, Tang Yurou will die due to the failure of the blood jade fragments in her body. If he does not release the demon king, his father will be completely dissolved by the blood jade when his imprisonment expires. He couldn't choose between family affection and love.From January 15,Weekday,17:30 GMT,1 episode

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