DIY Sci (S06)

Category: Anime
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Season 6 with Steve Spangler is a wild ride of mind-blowing science that turns everyday stuff into jaw-dropping experiments! Imagine slicing bananas differently or crushing raw eggs without making a mess! The kitchen becomes a mad scientist's playground with glowing eggs and epic egg-catching challenges. Fourth graders invent contraptions and even create human tables! Recycling junk transforms into cool DIY science like fog horns. Steve's got bets you can't win, like balancing a quarter on a dollar bill! With PVC projects, bubbly experiments, and more, get ready for a blast of insanely fun science exploration! Genre: Science, Technology, How-to, Educational, Entertainment Awards: Daytime Emmy Awards 2017 nominee; Daytime Emmy Awards 2018 From February 10 I Weekends at 20:10

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