TATTOO FIXERS Season 1 & 2

Category: Documentary
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Continues weekdays at 21:20 to 13th September. Watch it again on weekends. In Tattoo Fixers we take over our own tattoo parlour space - a 'pop up' shop in London’s trendy East End. In this space three young and cool tattoo artists work; Jay, Sketch and Lou, as well as receptionist Paisley. The tattooists are there to fix the nation’s tattoo fails – to turn them from a disaster-piece into a masterpiece. In each episode you will meet people who have tattoo disasters. They come to the shop because they want our artists to conceal their ‘sin of the skin’ with a brilliant cover up tattoo. September kicks off with a drag queen Devon feeling snared by his barbed-wire tattoo because it's a painful reminder of an ex. Alice welcomes Halloween-loving Chippy, whose portrait of her daughter is more than a little spooky.

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