Love in 40 Days

Category: Series
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Jane is a successful insurance agent who provides for her family's needs. Her perfect life ends when she is killed in a car accident and becomes a ghost. Jane arrives in Evergreen Mansion, a transitory place in the afterlife where souls settle within 40 days before they can cross over to either heaven or hell. She meets Edward, a musician and son of a funeral home director, whose third eye was opened due to an accident and he begins seeing ghosts. As Jane slowly accepts her fate, her plans are thwarted by Edward who wants to expel all the ghosts in the mansion to build a resto-bar for himself and his band. Jane refuses to let Edward succeed by befriending him in an attempt to convince him not to remodel the mansion. However, things start to get complicated when Edward realizes Jane is a ghost, and they gradually develop feelings for each other, all while their respective families' problems clash and the people around them try to figure out the connection between the two. From 25th September Monday-Sunday 20:40CAT

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