Waves of Life

Category: Series
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Jeerawat is a famous model and actress. On the surface, Jeerawat has a perfect life but deep down, she is in danger of being raped by her stepfather and longs for her mother's love. After Jeewarat's rich and powerful stepfather drugs Jeerawat, she manages to escape by driving away. Unfortunately, she hits a young woman on the road, who later dies at the hospital. The dead young woman has a fiancée, Sathit, who is a lawyer who believes strongly in justice. He vows revenge on the female driver who killed his beloved fiancée. Unfortunately, Jeerawat's stepfather and mother use their influence and money to hide and hush all evidence. After coincidentally running into each other on many occasions, their fated encounters starts to change them both, as their bond deepens, Sathit becomes conflicted between the evidence that Jeerawat was involved in the car accident and between the good and kind person he finds underneath her public appearance, who risks her life for him. What will Sathit do when he gradually falls in love with Jeewarat? From 3rd November Monday-Sunday 20:40CAT

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