Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

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Category: Anime
Available on: DISH DTH_Super ANTENNA
Raa Raa is a loveable little lion who enjoys exploring the jingly jangly jungle in his cubby buggy looking for new and noisy things to do with his friends. Raa Raa's friends include Zebby, who'd rather be snoozing than on an adventure, Huffty, who loves music and singing, and Ooo Ooo, who loves nothing more than being mischievous and having a laugh and a joke. There's also Topsy, Raa Raa's tallest and oldest friend who can always find the solution to a problem in one of his books, and Crocky, who loves to help his friends - but he's a little bit accident prone! With jungle adventures come many challenges, but Raa Raa and his friends realise they can solve any problem by co-operating and working together as a team. Through simple storylines, rhyme, rhythm and word play, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion helps pre-school children develop their crucial language skills as well as teaching appropriate behaviour and problem-solving. From Monday 5 September at 09:20CAT

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