160 400 ST SWAHILI
Category: Series
Available on: DISH Nova+Nyota ANTENNA
No human desires can be satisfied. In order to possess more things, humans will keep climbing up. Who lives in the penthouse that is loved by capitalists because of its view of the highest scenery and excellent privacy protection? What do they rely on to save money, and where is the end of their desires? What is the reason for wanting to go up? What will be the top level dreamed of? Are they really happy when they climb to the top? Do they hide their secrets? Here are the three women who have worked hard for the children here and rushed to the top: Shen Xiulian, the twin mother who shed blood and tears to avenge the bad people who trampled on the children's life miserably; and for the daughter who is less powerful than herself in every aspect In other words, Qian Ruizhen, who worked hard to pass on her reputation and the shining of the spotlight; did not leave poverty to her daughter; bet on life to gallop all the way, and finally became a "monster" mother Wu Yunxi. In the lives of these three women, responsibility, justice, and conscience are put aside, just watching the upper class work hard to climb up, this is the endless desire of mankind. Broadcast Time: Jan.13th-Jan.14th Thu. - Fri. 20:00 CAT From Jan.16th Everyday 20:00 CAT

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