047 186 TNT AFRICA
Category: Movie
Available on: DISH DTH_Smart ANTENNA
Picture blood thirsty animals, prehistoric mammals and creepy monsters from distant planets... these are a few of the antiheroes that will put human lives to the test, every Wednesday evening of January. For this recurrent special, TNT will offer a selection of crazy creature movies that will make the audience shiver. Titles that guarantee an adrenaline rush will include Rogue, Piranha 3D, Jeepers Creepers and both parts of Open Water among others Wednesday 5th of January 20:00 Open Water (2003) 21:20 Open Water 2: Adrift (2006) Wednesday 12th of January 20:00 Lake Placid: Legacy (2018) 21:35 Jeepers Creepers (2001) Wednesday 19th of January 20:00 Piranha 3D (2010) 21:30 Swamp Shark (2011) Wednesday 26th of January 20:00 Rogue (2007) channel premiere 21:45 Tasmanian Devils (2012)

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