Lies of the Heart

509_ 553 ZEE ONE
Category: Series
Available on: DISH DTH_Smart ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Lies of the Heart tells the story of Urmi, a free-spirited young lady, who fulfils her parents’ wish by agreeing to marry a man of their choice, a businessman named Samrat. The lead up to her wedding is an exciting time and Urmi fills her heart with dreams of a happy married life. Unfortunately, all her dreams are crushed, as Urmi deals with an uncaring, cold, and brutal Samrat. It does not help that no one in his family dares to oppose him. Feeling alone and isolated by Samrat’s ruthlessness, Urmi strives to rise above the constant setbacks and heartbreak and calls off the wedding countless times. Samrat fails to attend any of the ceremonies leading up to the wedding and refuses to marry Urmi. Will either of them make it to the wedding? Catch Lies of the Heart this month to see Urmi fight for her dignity and her happiness. BROADCAST TIME: Daily@ 8pm WAT | 9pm CAT |10pm EAT

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