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Category: Anime
Available on: DISH Smart+Basic ANTENNA
Bob the Builder: Mega Machines (Nov. 6) Bob and his team get together with the Mega Machines to build a new dam and reservoir for Spring City - but are they up to this mega challenge? Fireman Sam: The Great Fire Of Pontypandy (Nov. 7) Fireman Sam receives a tempting offer from Chief Fire Officer Boyce and Pontypandy residents get ready to evacuate during a very fierce forest fire. Fireman Sam: Norman Price and the Mystery in the Sky (Nov. 13) When Joe invents a new super battery, it catches the attention of Professor Polonium. After stealing the battery, she stages a series of accidents across the village. Can the firefighters save Pontypandy and extinguish the flames? BROADCAST TIME: EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 12:09 PM CET

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