047 186 TNT AFRICA
Category: Movie
Available on: DISH DTH_Smart ANTENNA
DESCRIPTION: Ever had a gut feeling that something terrible was about to happen? An instinctive feeling can sometimes tell us that we need to protect ourselves against a threat that looms over us, either a natural catastrophe such as a tornado, or in a battlefield, or a viral threat that wants to destroy the human race. These menaces are what the characters will have to deal with. TNT gathers a list of thrilling movies where the biggest challenge is to survive. From t he 8th of May, every Saturday TNT airs a triple feature with super entertaining blockbusters such as Battleship, Gamer, Daylight, Twister and The Rock just to name a few. FILMS: Saturday 8th of May 16:00 Twister (1996) 17:55 Air Force One (1997) 20:00 Gamer (2009) channel premiere Saturday 15th of May 16:00 Outbreak (1995) 18:10 Dante’s Peak (1997) 20:00 Daylight (1996) Saturday 22nd of May 16:00 Broken Arrow (1996) 17:50 The Perfect Storm (2000) 20:00 Battleship (2012) Saturday 29th of May 15:55 The Rock (1996) 18:10 The Kingdom (2007) 20:00 Pitch Black (2007)

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