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Category: Series
Available on: DISH DTH_Super ANTENNA
SYNOPSIS: Damián falls in love with Elisa and she feels the same way about him; this situation makes his old friend Gael become his rival, as he has been in love with Elisa ever since they were kids. Augusto finds out about the relationship between Damián and Elisa and, hounded by the betrayal ghosts of Rosendo and Estefanía, he threatens Elisa with killing Damián. Elisa accepts to marry Gael to save Damián’s life, decision that deeply hurts Paloma, her best friend, since she has always been in love with Gael. This is a fascinating story about four youngsters, whose destinies and happiness are seriously damaged by the resentment, the ambition, and the betrayal that rules in the adults’ world. BROADCAST TIME: FROM NOVEMBER 16TH, MONDAY - FRIDAY : 17:40 CAT

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