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Official Bundesliga Fantasy Manager 2019/20: Why you should join

The start of the 2019/20 Bundesliga season is nearly upon us. While clubs are still looking at potential signings for their teams ahead of the new campaign, you can already set up your team in our Fantasy game.

In the Bundesliga Fantasy Manager, success depends solely on your knowledge, know-how, and maybe finding that hidden gem that your friends miss.

Already convinced? If not, let give you five reasons why you should get involved.

1) All you need to

The basics are simple: your team will need 15 players, of which four will be substitutes on any given matchday, and all Bundesliga players are at your disposal. Whether you prefer having proven stars like Robert Lewandowski, Marco Reus or Kai Havertz in the team, or putting your trust in newcomers with potential like Lucas Hernandez, Moussa Diaby or Ethan Ampadu the choice is yours.

The only limit is your budget: 150 million is your total, and every player has a starting price that will rise or fall, depending on their real-life form. Enough to put together a powerful force - if you have the right touch.

2) Transparency and live points

The number of points that your players earn on a matchday comes down to statistical values, which are the official stats of the Bundesliga. There are no subjective measures; only objective values. Best of all, your players' points are calculated in real time.

This allows you to keep track of the performances of your squad throughout the games, as well as checking your position in the overall standings. The number of points is clearly defined: has your striker scored a goal? Then he gets four points. Did your goalkeeper save a penalty? Five points. Of course, going beyond the basic point scoring, players earn different points depending on their position: Goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or forward.

3) Tactical tricks

Once the first game has kicked off, is it only prayers that can help you? Not at all! Perhaps the biggest feature of the Bundesliga Fantasy Manager is the ability to make changes during a matchday. Did any of your players receive a red card on Friday night? Just take him out and use someone else!

Or change your formation while the game is playing. For that, you have four substitutes on the bench that you can throw in, provided their matches have yet to begin. You can only substitute in a player whose game has yet to kick off. The suspense continues until the last game of a matchday.

4) Transfer options

While our Bundesliga clubs can only make transfers in the summer and winter, you can change up your squad with up to three transfers between each matchday. Is one of your chosen stars injured or suspended? Then transfer them!

Have you seen the line-ups and found a new name in the team? Get him in your side! In Bundesliga Fantasy Manager, you are flexible and can set up your starting XI with clever planning ahead for successive matchdays.

5) Win big prizes

The best managers are rewarded with the best prizes. The manager with the highest points total of each matchday will receive a signed jersey from a club of their choice. For the best manager of the entire season, there is a truly special experience to win.

Two tickets for the 2020/21 Supercup final (including travel within Germany by train, or flights from abroad and two nights’ accommodation). In addition, if you decide to set up a private league to play with against your friends, there are prizes to be won for your collective efforts.

For the best league at the end of the season, there are six tickets for the 2020/21 Supercup final (also including travel within Germany by train, or flights from abroad and two nights’ accommodation).

Let the games begin!

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